Top 3 Common Types Of Criminal Cases

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Everyone makes mistakes, but certain mistakes can land you in more hot water than others. Criminal charges are no joke, and yet, hundreds of thousands are filed each year around the country.

If you'd like to learn more about the law, it's important to understand the most common types of criminal cases. What types of lawbreaking are among the most common, and how does criminal law treat those who cross these legal lines?

Read on and we'll walk you through the most common crime types.

Property Crimes

By far, the most common type of crime in the United States is property crime. These are non-violent crimes, those that have to do with the theft, vandalism, or destruction of some sort of private property.

These crimes can take many different forms and the severity of charges related to these crimes can vary quite wildly.

Theft, robbery, and burglary all fall under the umbrella of property crime, and the severity of these crimes is often decided by the damage done or the value of the property stolen. In many cases, the intent of the crime is also considered when weighing the punishment.

If you've been charged with a property crime, you'll want to look into the criminal defense lawyer found here.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are also quite common across America. The use and abuse of legal and illegal substances in the country is monitored quite closely.

Any possession, use, or sale of substances deemed illegal can result in charges that are quite severe. Certain illegal substances will be considered a felony crime no matter how little of the drug in question a person has in their possession.

Drug laws do vary around the country, with certain states having more severe laws than others.

Drug crimes also refer to crimes related to the manufacture of these illegal substances.

DUIs and DWIs

As Americans, we're big drinkers. That's all fine and accepted, but the result is also the frequency of alcohol-related crimes, namely DUIs and DWIs. It's illegal to get behind the wheel when intoxicated across the country, and yet, people do it all the time.

The severity of punishment for these crimes will depend mostly on the driver's record.

More leniency is given for a first-time charge than a return charge. The damage done by the driver is also a big factor in considering the punishment that will be laid down.

In addition to fines and jail time, most people charged with an alcohol-related crime will see their driving privileges revoked for some amount of time. They might also be required to take some sort of education rehabilitation course.


Putting together a reputable criminal defense lawyer can be difficult no matter what type of criminal charge you're facing.

It's a good idea to have a solid understanding of what types of cases are generally brought forward - the above are the most popular types of criminal cases.

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