Thing To Know Before Applying For Italian Investor Visa

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The Italian investor visa is perhaps the easiest immigration route to reach Italy. It works for everyone who does not qualify for other options like descent, marriage, and naturalization. The eligibility requirements are minimal, except for financial readiness. But you should not take the process for granted because you still have to be prepared for the documentation and other formalities. You can click on this for more details about the process. Here are the facts you must know before applying for the Italian investor visa.

Financial readiness is the key:

Unlike the other immigration alternatives, the eligibility requirements for the investor visa are minimal. You only have to be over 18 to qualify. Additionally, a clean criminal record and a good state of health make you eligible. The rest boils down to your financial readiness for the process because you need to bring a significant sum as an investment to qualify. The good thing is that you have multiple options to invest in. These include-

  • €250,000 in an innovative startup
  • €500,000 in an established company
  • €1 million as a donation to a philanthropic initiative
  • €2 million worth of government bonds

The flexible options make the investor visa route accessible to aspiring immigrants running even on small budgets. So you can buy your way in without funding worth millions.

A smooth and quick process:

While the investment part may sound daunting to immigrants, the good thing is that the investor visa process is smooth and quick. Expect it to wrap up within a few months, so you can land in Italy before you imagine. The journey entails two steps. These are obtaining a nulla osta (certificate of no impediment) and getting the investor visa itself. The nulla osta process is only an online process that takes 30 days to complete. The second part happens at your local consulate, so it is equally convenient. You need not even get the actual funds through these stages. Only banks statements validating them are enough to prove your eligibility and close the formalities.

Long-term prospects for citizenship:

Another fact you must know about the investor visa is that it sets you up for long-term prospects for Italian citizenship. Although the journey can take a decade, you end up owning one of the most powerful passports in the world. You can stay in Italy as a resident during this period and enjoy all the benefits a local has, from living and working in Italy to traveling visa-free across the EU, and getting access to education and healthcare facilities. You can even bring along your family members without extra investment. After spending a decade in the country, you become eligible for citizenship by naturalization. The only condition is to retain the initial investment in Italy during this transition period.

Although the investor visa is one of the easiest ways to move to Italy, you may experience some challenges down the line. Collaborating with an immigration expert can make the journey a breeze, right from deciding the investment option to acquiring Italian citizenship.

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