4 Things to Consider Before Filing a Slip-and-fall Claim

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  • 2022-08-01 16:43:07

Slip or fall injuries can happen with anybody and anywhere, even in the safest place. But in many instances, these falls can result in severe back, neck, or head injuries for an individual. Research has also suggested that over 80% of the estimated 684,000 people die from falls worldwide. This is the reason one needs to be extra careful while walking. Still, if, unfortunately, individuals experience a slip or fall in public places, they can try making a compensation claim for a slip or fall if it was not their fault.

The property owner and its employees must keep the property in good condition that harms nobody. But if somebody gets injured by an owner and worker's carelessness, they should know about the claiming procedure.

Essential Points to Consider When Making a Claim:

Determine the cause of the slip

Determine the precise reason for your slip and fall. Slip-and-fall events can be caused by various dangers, including shredded or loose carpet, uneven floors, ice, or wetness. Note this reason and inform the property owner of the occurrence and what led to it. An individual should collect a sample to prove if something on the ground caused the fall or can also use the photo to prove that there was no signboard for the wet floor warning.

Hire a lawyer

Claiming a slip or fall incident is not as easy as it may seem. A layperson can never win against the other party who already has professional lawyers to save them. If an individual seriously needs to get the claim, they ought to hire an experienced lawyer who will fight for them. If you don’t know a lawyer, you can approach a reputed legal firm that provides lawyers for several services; these organisations provide experienced and genuine lawyers to fight for you and help you win the case.

Get information about the witnesses

If an individual has fallen in a public place, there must have been some people who helped them or even saw it happening. These witnesses will play a crucial role in clarifying what exactly happened and who is at fault. But to bring the witness, individuals need to get their information like name, contact number, or even address.

Get medical treatment and the documents

Even if there was no need to call emergency services, individuals should still get their medical treatment done to find out there is no serious injury. Apart from this, medical papers will be an excellent way to prove the intensity of injury in court. So keep track of the medical bills, your physician's name, and the details of your injuries as described by the medical professionals. If an individual fails to provide such documents at the court, their case may weaken, resulting in losing the case.

The Endnote

Suppose an individual has ever suffered such an incident in a public place that led to severe injury. In that case, they should go for the compensation claim by employing a professional attorney to look into the matter. Remember, proof to make your allegation false in front of the court. So if you want to win the case, you will need to hire a lawyer from a reputed law firm.

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