4 Legal Considerations for Buying a Used Car in NJ

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For most consumers, buying a used car is more viable than purchasing a new one. But no one would want to buy a vehicle that brings in more expenses in the long run. If you feel the same way, this guide will help you decide!

Some of the factors you should consider before you buy a new car in NJ are legal considerations.

So, we'll cover what you need to know about it here. Let's start!

The New Jersey Used Car Lemon Law

You can get protection under the Used Car Lemon Law when buying a vehicle in NJ. It applies when a New Jersey dealer sells you a defective vehicle.

This law states that dealers should provide a limited warranty under these conditions:

  • the car is no more than seven years old
  • the vehicle has lower than 100,000 miles
  • the car's price is more than $3,000
  • the vehicle is not a total loss, as declared by an insurance company

If it falls under these, your dealer should cover the repairs. It also includes any damage that comes up during the warranty period.

You can get help from a lemon law lawyer near me if you have any more concerns.

Understanding the FTC's Used Car Rule

The Federal Trade Commission also has a guide to pre-owned cars. It's a must for any dealer who sells or offers more than five used cars within 12 months.

Generally, the Used Car Rule requires dealers to display a Buyer's Guide on used cars up for sale. It also comes with a checklist that includes everything that should appear in the guide.

Exceptions to the said rule include motorcycles, scrap vehicles, and agricultural equipment. Any other NJ vehicle counts.

The Used Car Buyer's Guide

As mentioned, the Used Car Rule requires vehicles to come with a Buyer's Guide. It refers to a disclosure document containing the purchasing and warranty information.

The guide should include the following:

  • major mechanical and electrical systems and possible problems to look out for
  • if the car is being sold "as is" or with a warranty
  • the percentage of repair costs covered by the dealer under the warranty
  • that promises should be in writing
  • have the car inspected by a mechanic before buying
  • to get a vehicle history report
  • keep the guide for reference after buying
  • vehicle, dealer, and warranty information
  • optional signature line for acknowledgment

Choose a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

You must look into the vehicle's history and its current condition. If you're unsure about it, you can look for a certified pre-owned vehicle in NJ to ensure it's in good condition.

A CPO vehicle means the manufacturer inspected and approved it. So, it has good parts, proper maintenance, and is accident-free.

Buy a Used Car in NJ Today!

If you want to get an NJ vehicle, you should follow the laws declared by the state. That way, you can avoid buying a car that costs you more on repairs.

What more are you waiting for? Check our guide and learn more legal tips in our blog!

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